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We're Nominated for a Webby!

I'm pleased to announce that Fool Me Twice, the True Crime Podcast that I wrote and directed has been nominated for the internet's highest accolade: A Webby award, in the Best Writing category.

Learn more about how I wrote a successful podcast, and how you can too, in my upcoming course, Write That Podcast.

About me

Webby Award-Nominated Podcast Writer

Currently seeking exceptional podcasting projects

  • Consulting on ideas, narrative, and project scope
  • Project management/direction
  • Podcast writing services
  • Editing and written compilation

Writer and Editor

 Particular experience in

  • Copywriting, editing
  • Autobiographies
  • Ghostwriting
  • Book editing at every stage of the process

Highly Valuing Creativity

Stories need to be told. I work in a way that helps people to find and share the important truth that has been driving a project all along. 

Creating in order to offer art to the world is one of humanity's most essential endeavors, and I am passionate about working closely with creatives to add the most value possible to what they do. 

I am both a writer and an acrobat, so I bend over backwards (sorry, bad joke!) to get the most out of my creative relationships.

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